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Trust, Estate and Probate

California probate, trust and estate litigation often involves stressful and complicated issues. With compassion and respect, our San Jose estate litigation attorneys are ready and able to fight for and defend your rights.

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Tax Planning

Tax planning allows you to create a strategy for paying what you owe to the IRS or other taxing authority. Tax planning could include the use of installment payments or establishing a new funding solution from the IRS.

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Probate Administration

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Probate administration often involves numerous steps and issues, such as identifying and recovery of assets, dealing with creditor claims, resolving ambiguities in documents, or disagreements over the interpretation of the will.

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Contested Wills and Trusts

If there are questions about the validity of the will, an heir or other interested person may file a will contest. When these disputes arise, our legal team at Steburg Law Firm in San Jose will work closely with you, protecting your rights throughout the legal process.

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Tax Litigation

The Steburg Law Firm provides comprehensive support to clients facing tax disputes and related matters. Our team knows how trying and difficult these situations can be and has the experience you can rely on to get the best possible outcome.

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Financial Elder Abuse

Financial Elder Abuse can occur when someone oversteps and takes control of the assets of a senior. Sadly, when vulnerable or disabled adults need help the most, they are sometimes financially exploited or abused/neglected.

Choosing the Best Estate Litigation Attorney For Your Family

Property can be distributed upon death in a variety of ways. The most common are through a will or trust. When a loved one passes, it should be a time of grieving and peaceful reflection . It should also be a time when the person’s wishes are identified and followed.

Choosing the best estate litigation attorney means getting to know the professionals on your team. Our attorneys bring ample experience in litigation, not just estate law. We ensure you receive a higher level of support when you are heading into court or trying to resolve big disputes that can impact your life for years to come.

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What a delightful experience!

I would highly recommend the Steburg Law Firm. My wife and I met with Anita Steburg with regards to an estate sale. Anita spent a great deal of time with us, and came to the conclusion that we would best be taken care of by a CPA. She gave us a couple of referrals and later decided not to charge for her help. I didn't know there were people like this left in our selfish world. What a delightful experience!

For All Your Tax Law Needs

Audit Defense

An audit is not uncommon, but it can be a frustrating process for all involved, especially when the IRS aims to work against you. Our attorneys will be there to support you when audit claims are unfounded, or you wish to pursue the least demanding consequences possible. Our audit defense attorneys can discuss your case with you today and offer solutions to some of the most challenging situations, including costly fines and fees.

Currently Non-Collectable

In some situations, a taxpayer recognizes they owe the IRS money. Yet, they are unable to make payment at this time. No matter why this is, our legal team will work closely with you and the IRS to establish Currently Not Collectible, a process in which the IRS is alerted to your limited financial situation. This could provide you with some financial relief. 

Innocent Spouse

Individuals who qualify for innocent spouse status may be able to find relief from IRS legal actions if they meet the requirements under the law. For example, if your spouse received income and did not report it, but you had no knowledge of that income, you may qualify for this type of legal protection. 

Installment Agreement

It is possible to establish installment agreements with the IRS for taxes owed, but the process can be limiting and frustrating if the IRS does not agree with you. Our legal team will work closely with you to create installment agreements that meet the requirements of the taxing authority and fit your specific financial situation as well. 

Offer in Compromise

An Offer in Compromise may be an option for those who owe the IRS funds and may be able to pay a significant amount of those funds right away. In this arrangement, the IRS agrees to accept less than what it is owed to settle the debt. Though it is possible, it can be challenging to convince the IRS to do so, which is why our tax attorneys at Steburg Law Firm can provide support for you throughout the process.

IRS Penalty Abatement

Penalty relief may be available to many people who meet specific criteria set by the IRS. If you qualify for a penalty abatement, you will receive a waiver for the payment penalty you received for unpaid taxes. However, you still have to pay what is owed. Allow us to see a penalty abatement for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens at CA Probate Hearing?

California probate law is complex, and it can be intimidating to have...

California probate law is complex, and it can be intimidating to have to attend a CA probate hearing. The court will carry out the terms of the decedent's will at the time of their death. To do this, assets are distributed to beneficiaries, and all debts are paid. Prior to the hearing, an Affidavit of Public Notice is created by the newspaper that published a public notice of the death. Additionally, you will need to provide Proof of Service that states those required have been notified of the probate.

Probate FAQ

What Is Lis Pendens in CA?

Lis Pendens is a term that means “pending lawsuit” and one that...

Lis Pendens is a term that means “pending lawsuit” and one that is sometimes used in litigation related to real estate property. It often relates to the title or an interest in real estate. In legal situations where Lis Pendens is a factor, it may be necessary for the owner to remove it if they plan to resolve the matter. For example, the Lis Pendens must be removed, or selling, financing, or even obtaining any title insurance for the property will be difficult to do. This must be done legally.

Trust FAQ

Does the IRS Have an Amnesty Program for Foreign Bank Accounts?

It is legal for an American to have an offshore bank account,...

It is legal for an American to have an offshore bank account, but to do so, it must meet specific laws and requirements. A person with an offshore bank account with a balance of over $10,0000 must file a disclosure each year, and income earned from the account must be included in tax returns with the proper disclosures. Failure to take these steps can lead to financial losses as well as prosecution and incarceration, even if you have no history of other legal issues. 

Tax Law FAQ

How Long Does a Trust or Will Contest Take in California?

Generally, it will take at least twelve to twenty-four months for a...

Generally, it will take at least twelve to twenty-four months for a trust or will contest for the case to proceed to trial. Of course, this amount of time can change depending upon the various factors of a specific case.
After a petition is filed in Court, the hearing is generally about 45-70 days later, depending upon the Court's schedule. At the initial hearing, the Court determines if there are objections to the petition.

Trust FAQ

My Father Passed Away and Owes Taxes. Will We Be Required To Pay?

The estate of a loved one can be difficult to navigate. This...

The estate of a loved one can be difficult to navigate. This is especially true if your father owed taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. It is not uncommon for the beneficiaries of his estate to feel conflicted. On one hand they want to receive their inheritance. On the other hand they want to do things properly. The conflict becomes real when the beneficiaries realize that if the taxes are paid, they will not receive anything.

Tax Law FAQ

My Father Has Dementia. Can He Execute a Will?

Just because your father has a diagnosis of dementia does not mean...

Just because your father has a diagnosis of dementia does not mean he cannot execute a will. However, it is best to document your father's capacity at the time the will is executed by having your father mental capacity evaluated by a medical professional such as a geriatrician who specializes in dementia.

Elder Law FAQ

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