Standing Up For You During IRS Tax Audits

Receiving an IRS audit notice is an intimidating experience and a very serious matter that needs to be dealt with proactively.

IRS audits come in several varieties and get started in several ways including correspondence audits done by mail with an out-of-state IRS office, receiving a CP2000 notice concerning discrepancies between your filed tax return and the information the IRS has received, or a letter from a local Revenue Agent wanting to start the audit examination. Regardless of the type of IRS audit, an IRS audit should not be ignored.

Whatever the reason might be for your tax return(s) having been selected for audit, the IRS audit file will remain open until it is resolved. If you do not participate in the audit, the IRS will resolve the case entirely in their favor, often by zeroing out any expenses or deductions that are being audited or including any potential income that the IRS might have identified.

Dealing with IRS Audits

The tax lawyers at the Steburg Law Firm provide valuable assistance to their clients in resolving IRS audits. Their understanding of tax law, tax accounting and IRS procedures allows them to be an advocate for their client while providing their clients with a clear understanding of the IRS rules that apply to their personal situation.

By obtaining a power of attorney to represent their clients before the IRS, the tax attorneys at the Steburg Law Firm can interpose themselves between the taxpayer and the IRS, reducing stress and anxiety to the client and facilitating controlled communication on behalf of the client with the IRS. This is particularly important if the taxpayer is aware of errors or controversial reporting positions that are in the filed tax return now being audited.

Audit Outcomes

There are many procedural steps involved in finalizing an IRS audit. Sometimes audits result in no change to the tax return that was filed. The more common outcome, particularly if a taxpayer is trying to represent themselves, is for the IRS to propose an adjustment to the tax return which results in an additional tax liability. With proper representation, the IRS’s audit position and the taxpayer’s tax return position are reconciled and fine-tuned through back-and-forth negotiation to get to the best obtainable results under the facts and law of the case.

However, in many cases the auditor and the taxpayer can’t reach an agreed result for the examination. If that is the case, professional representation by Steburg Law Firm will allow the taxpayer to evaluate further alternatives which may include appealing the IRS’s proposed examination to the IRS Appeals Division.

Taxpayers often have the right to appeal the IRS’s proposed exam adjustments. Even going further down the IRS procedure options, taxpayers will usually have the right to contest an IRS assessment by filing a petition with the US Tax Court. The tax attorneys at the Steburg Law Firm are experienced and knowledgeable in the legal and procedural methods to help their clients obtain the right result for their case.

The Steburg Law Firm represents clients in who are facing IRS business or income tax audits. Founder and principal, Anita L. Steburg is a tax attorney who deals with every tax matter as directly and proactively as possible.


Responding to a tax audit notice can be a daunting task, and professional help ensures your greatest chance against the auditor. Steburg Law Firm’s team of professional tax attorney's can plead your case before the IRS and help you reach the best solution possible. Allow our qualified professionals to help with the IRS and guide you through a process which can otherwise be an overwhelming ordeal. Contact us today to see how we can help resolve your case and learn how feasible financial freedom can be.


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