Trust Administration

Upon the death or incapacity of an individual who has established a trust, whether it be a single or a married person, it is generally advisable to seek the advice of an attorney to assist with the administration of the trust. Our attorneys can advise you in administering the trust, which includes notifying beneficiaries, managing issues and ultimately making distributions.

At the Steburg Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in ensuring that administration is carried out in accordance with the terms of the trust as well as the Probate Code.

The average person has little to no experience dealing with a trust and typically has many questions when serving as trustee for the first time. Many administrative tasks must be accomplished before successfully distributing the funds of a trust to the beneficiaries.

The tasks may be further compounded by the relationship the trustee may have with the beneficiaries. In many cases, they are family members who are still distraught and grieving over the death of the "settlor" of the trust. For this reason, it is beneficial for the trustee to work with an attorney to minimize the emotional aspects of the administration and focus on the business of administering a trust.

A Trustee Requires Effective Representation

Effective representation of a trustee is critical to properly carrying out the terms of the trust, and also to minimize or eliminate missteps and errors that can be made by the trustee. Mistakes can be costly to the trust and could result in personal liability of the trustee.

Additionally, sometimes the settlor has not fully funded the trust or transferred title to all assets into the trust. In this situation, our experienced attorneys can assist with ensuring that the trust assets are marshalled and available for distribution to the beneficiaries.

At times, it can be necessary for the Probate Court to become involved with the administration of a trust. If it is necessary, effective representation is crucial. At Steburg Law Firm, we can effectively represent you as trustee and maneuver through the complexities of court involvement.


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