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Can I Submit An Offer To The IRS For Pennies On The Dollar?

offer in compromise Feb 25, 2019

You owe the Internal Revenue Service money.  Every day you are scared that today the IRS will drain your bank account and you breathe a sign of relief every day this does not happen.  You are not sleeping as the weight of your tax problems keep you up at night.  Every time you go to the mailbox and see a letter from the IRS, your chest tightens and you are too scared to open it.  On the radio you hear an add offering to resolve your problems for “pennies on the dollar” and you are wondering if it is too good to be true.  

The simple answer is yes.  Many of my clients when I meet them for the first time have heard of these type of scam services.  The client incorrectly believes I can pick up the phone and offer the IRS significantly less than what is owed (perhaps ten cents on the dollar) and this will resolve his or her IRS tax liability.    Unfortunately, it does not work this way.  

The IRS has a special department,...

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