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Is Going to Court Really Necessary? I Don't Want To Go.

For Melissa, it has been three years since her mother passed away.  Her mother's trust left everything equally between her two daughters: Melissa and Sarah.  The main asset of the trust is a house in San Jose, California.  Just prior to their mother passing away, Sarah moved into the house to help her mother.  Melissa was grateful Sarah was able to live with their mother and help her during her final days.  Now, three years later Sarah has remained in the house, is unwilling to move out and refuses to either sell the house or buy out Melissa's interest in the house.  Sarah was named as the trustee of their mother's trust and has refused to sale the home so the proceeds can be split equally between Melissa and Sarah.  This has caused a deep rift in their relationship.  Melissa wants to receive her share of the trust as her mother intended and Sarah is refusing to let this happen.

Melissa was near tears as she sat in the office explaining the...

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